The Marble airstrip is privately owned but is pilot friendly
and, with prior notice, flying in and camping is permitted.
The phone number of the caretaker is:  970-963-1073

I'm photographed from Jeff's RV7 as we fly East to Marble from Delta.

We are entering the canyon leading to Marble after crossing McClure pass.

It's not hard to spot the strip in the distance.

Entering a left upwind leg for runway 09. 

Lots of large obstructions here.

The downwind leg for 09 is very close to this slope.

On final

Ready to touch down.

Back taxiing runway 09 after landing.

Parked in a great spot with the Crystal River behind us just a few steps away.

Jeff's RV7

Setting up camp

Not a bad campsite.

Jeff and his nephew James

I'm just kicking back, listening to the sounds of the river.

Collecting firewood

We hiked a mile or so up to the falls.

The trail is along this cascade which flows into the Crystal River near the camp.

I can't tell what Jeff is thinking.

This is the life.
After roasting hot dogs in the evening we had a few sprinkles,
but savored the entire experience while sitting around the fire.

Jeff's morning coffee.

A typical cool, crisp, summer morning in the mountains of