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Posted 8-18-08

RM and I flew into Gateway for lunch.
This was our first excursion since I increased the size of the wheels.

A view of the south half of the strip --- the landing look --- which is on BLM land, but maintained locally.
I would normally want to land to the south (runway 18) which is uphill and has more room for the approach.

Not the best place to park --- it would prove to be very difficult to get back uphill to the runway through the uneven turf.

Getting ready to leave after spending some time in Gateway.
Someone drove out from the compound to pick us up but we walked the mile or so back to the plane.
Wear hiking shoes as the roads are primitive.

The second lunch trip, this time with Phil

This was our ride from the airstrip to the compound and back --- just ask for a ride (freq. 122.9).
Our driver was a college intern specializing in recreation.

A visit to the Gateway Auto Museum is a must.

1929 Packard
Click on the above photo to see a sample of the 40+ cars on display.

There are rooms and adventure trips available as well as hiking trails

The restaurant has excellent food.

Groceries, fuel, and a light lunch bar are found at the Outpost.

Heading back to the airstrip.

Yup, that's the road ---

and here, we are headed north on the runway.

This is the only paved parking spot.

Looking south

A northerly view

This is the strip looking north --- the takeoff look.
Straight out departures --- not a good idea.
Gateway is just past the end of the runway, toward the right, and below a bluff.

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Gateway Canyons Resort was developed by John S. Hendricks, founder of "The Discovery Channel".