Casa Grande, Arizona

Half the fun is getting there and back.
The flight of three RVs --- Jeff and John(near), myself solo(center), and Don solo(distant).
We joined up over Hopkins Field at Nucla, CO (AIB)

Camp --- see the campsite video
(length 0:32  size 6 MB)

The Copperstate temporary air traffic control tower and vendor tent(right)

This was a great spot to watch the activity on the runway.

The aircraft display ramp

The weather was perfect throughout the entire trip.

Headed home after a couple of days at the fly-in.

Taking pictures of taking pictures

There's lots of open space down there.
This is one of my favorite fly-overs.

Close to home --- this was an enjoyable trip in every respect.
Some inflight video:
(length 0:25  size 1.2 MB)

Click here for photos of  some of the attending aircraft.