They didn't want us parked on the ramp with the biz jets (said we would get blown around) but I thought this spot, a bit strange.

It's a friendly and accommodating FBO though.

In my opinion, the approach, tower, and ground controllers are the cream of the crop --- very helpful.

RM - we're waiting for the free shuttle bus to town

We were there between seasons.

Nice mall

Making snow --- and getting ready for the ski season.

Downtown Aspen --- cheeseburger/fries lunch for two was about $20 including tip --- sans adult beverages of course.

The Aspen Mountain ski lift

The base of the hill is at the edge of downtown Aspen --- ski down --- walk over to Starbucks

I assume that some of these guys have vacation homes or condos here.

Landing fee for us was $5.00 --- we waited about 10 minutes while they looked for experimental or RV on their rate chart.

Going home --- this is always a fun and inexpensive trip.

For $25 plus 8 gal. of fuel (about one hour round trip flight time from Delta or Mesawood), we enjoyed a day at Aspen.