Removable wind screen molding

Preparing to make the wind screen molding by laying
down aluminum tape, electrical tape, and wax.

After masking, two layers of 8 oz. fiberglass is applied
then micro balloon filler is formed and sanded.

The final lay up consists of two more layers of glass.

This is how it looks after rough trimming.

The molding has been trimmed  and sanded.

I didn't like the lines and position of the bottom/rear portion of the molding
so I added and subtracted some material (see above photo to compare).
After painting the molding and the fuselage separately, the molding was
attached with screws and pop rivets.  The screws still need to be painted.
Window sealer keeps out water and air.
This method has the advantages (over the permanent method) of easier
finishing (on the bench) and easier wind screen replacement if needed.