Temporary Paint Booth

The new paint booth is ready for action.

Inside the booth showing exhaust filters and a painting fixture.

This fixture will allow rotation of the wing and other parts while painting.
The door is 1 1/2 in. foam reinforced with strips of OSB and is sealed.
The end wall is removable to allow ingress for the fuselage.
All seams are sealed with duct tape.

Friend Jeff donated this old portable swamp cooler for the effort.
I removed the original filters and taped on good furnace filters.
This thing really puts out the air which can be easily regulated and directed from inside.
Also note the light stand.  There are four of these around the booth to provide glare while painting.

The swamp cooler pokes its head through.
Hanging up is the supplied air respirator.

I had to buy a new compressor (the lighter one) with a larger
CFM rating to keep up with the requirements of the paint gun.
It's plumbed to the old tank for a total of 120 gal. storage.