In order to increase my confidence level while landing at my grass strip and
others like it I have installed slightly larger main gear tires on the original 5" wheels.
I have also installed a new nose gear fork which accommodates a 500 x5 wheel and tire.

I am not recommending these changes to others.
I am simply presenting this information to document what I have done to make, in my
opinion, my operations on select unpaved airstrips a bit less risky.
None of these changes have been approved by kit producer, Van's Aircraft.

Click here for additional important
information concerning the nose gear mod

I have replaced the original 500 x5 tires with 15/600 x 5 (380-150-5 6) Aero Classic Rib tires.

The replacement tire is about 1" larger in diameter and uses a standard 500 x 5 tube.
The new tires weigh an additional 2.8 lbs. for the pair.
This change requires new wheel fairings.
The new tire was mounted without any modification to the brakes or fairing
brackets, which will probably have to be changed anyway for the new fairings.

With that done I tackled the much more difficult task of changing the nose wheel (new one shown).